About us
About us
For more than 20 years, EKAR FURNITURE has steadily stabilized its position in the global furniture market and developed into a new force in the field of luxury furniture and modern furniture China. EKAR FURNITURE As a Chinese furniture supplier and Chinese furniture brand, EKAR FURNITURE luxury furniture China, Modern Furniture China, EKAR FURNITURE has always won the recognition and love of an expanding overseas home customer base, designers, and hotel project builders with its firm commitment to quality, innovative design and craftsmanship. This journey of growth and evolution reflects not only the brand’s resilience but also its strategic foresight in navigating the competitive landscape of furniture manufacturing and supply.
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Collocation for Your Home
Collocation for Your Home
Factory Direct Sales with 4 Production Line/ Factory outlet with bigshow room/ OEM/ODM is available / Low MOQ/ 3D interior design team
18 people sales team / Interior designers team/ Considerate service / Design / Production /
lnspection / Shipment/Transportation
Focus on middle and high-end market/ HighQuality Materials / Top Craft / Focus on everydetails / Make sure every furniture is flawless
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EKAR FURNITURE's product portfolio covers three major areas of the furniture industry: luxury furniture, contemporary furniture, office furniture and hotel furniture. This diversification is a testament to the versatility of the EKAR FURNITURE Chinese furniture brand and its ability to satisfy a variety of tastes and requirements. In addition, EKAR FURNITURE has six different china furniture brands under its umbrella, each tailored to meet different aesthetic preferences and functional needs.
Aristo Party brand is mainly based on classical style, while EKAR FURNITURE retains the balance of traditional design and innovative design. Winner Casa is synonymous with modern furniture, showing the beauty and functionality of modern furniture with simple lines and perfect arcs. Winner Home is synonymous with light luxury style and luxury furniture. It shows the perfect integration of luxury and modernity of luxury furniture and is very popular with low-key and elegant people. Diai Casa meets the needs of designers and builders for custom-made apartment-style furniture without compromising on style. As a professional Chinese furniture brand, EKAR FURNITURE can meet various customization needs. My Chair specializes in CEO-style office furniture that perfectly blends ergonomic design with executive sophistication. Finally, the Wood Source brand is dedicated to hotel furniture, providing customized solutions that enhance the design of hotel spaces. EKAR FURNITURE, china furniture brands, china furniture supplier
, professional furniture customization factory for 20+ years.